Arabian Panther

Arabian Panther narrates the tales of a solitary warrior dedicated to the pursuit of peace and justice. Transitioning from a warrior’s march anthem to a club banger infused with Arabic scales and Middle Eastern instruments, it embodies the essence of celebration (Hafla) and showcases versatility through his DJ sets and production. Performing on stage veiled behind a black keffiyeh, he steps back from the limelight, allowing the spotlight to shine on the character he has crafted, demonstrating his solidarity with the Palestinian cause and his roots as a French child from the Lebanese diaspora.

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Inverted Audio Review

« The story of French/Lebanese culture-masher and his Arabian warrior alter ego is one of rebellion against prejudice and ignorance. One of the few artists signed to the first-ever Palestinian techno label, Harara (the Arabic word for ‘passion’ or ‘heat’), the Toulouse-based freedom-through-sound activist is about to make some waves with his debut solo effort for Lyon’s « Blue Night Jungle ».

Lifted from the aptly-named Heart Filled With Sand’‘ EP, the opening track ‘Sidon’s Legacy’ sounds exactly like Tolouse Low Trax and Muslimgauze jamming together around a caravan bonfire. Swords swinging as sufi dancers spin in symbiotic motion, Arabian Panther graces us with a total ripper of a syncopated tune, primed for late-night action and bound to reunite people, from the Salon des Amateurs’ habitués to the deprived children of Gazah, in one generously massive sweep. »

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