Arabian Panther

« The story of French/Lebanese culture-masher and his Arabian warrior alter ego is one of rebellion against prejudice and ignorance. One of the few artists signed to the first-ever Palestinian techno label, Harara (the Arabic word for ‘passion’ or ‘heat’), the Toulouse-based freedom-through-sound activist is about to make some waves with his debut solo effort for Lyon’s « Blue Night Jungle ».

Lifted from the aptly-named Heart Filled With Sand’‘ EP, the opening track ‘Sidon’s Legacy’ sounds exactly like Tolouse Low Trax and Muslimgauze jamming together around a caravan bonfire. Swords swinging as sufi dancers spin in symbiotic motion, Arabian Panther graces us with a total ripper of a syncopated tune, primed for late-night action and bound to reunite people, from the Salon des Amateurs’ habitués to the deprived children of Gazah, in one generously massive sweep. »

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